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The Water and Sewer Plants in the Town of Santa Claus are owned by the town and operate as user funded utilities. Each are separate units of local government overseen be Water and Sewer Boards and administered by the Superintendent.

The original water and wastewater facilities were constructed from 1970 to 1974.  A new combined wastewater facility and administration building was completed in 2003. A new water plant, wells and transmission lines where completed in 2011.


Santa Claus water comes from two sources: Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District and two town owned wells in southern Spencer County.

In addition to supplying water to the Town of Santa Claus, the Water Department supplies water to several nearby communities. The Water Board is in charge of the water department.


The Wastewater plant located on IN 245 is a state of the art facility designed to be expandable to accommodate future growth. It was completed in 2003 and has a daily design capacity of 1.17 million gallons per day.


Russ Luthy, Utilities Superintendent, 812-544-3329 (ext. 2), fax: 812-544-3491
Utility Office (Town Hall), 812-937-2551, fax: 812-937-2630
Plant Office email
Billing Questions, 812-937-2551 or
Water Department, 812-544-2354
Wastewater Treatment Plant, 812-544-2106
Weekend/Holiday Emergency Number, 812-686-2234
Service Line Locates, 1-800-382-5544