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To Santa Claus Residents

RE: Fire Hydrant accessibility


Dear Resident:

In 2020 while responding to a fire in CLV, the fire department had problems accessing and operating the nearest fire hydrant. The problem was due to landscaping and plantings that were blocking clear access to the hydrant. With the safety of all residents in mind, the town will soon begin a process of making sure all hydrants -inside and outside of CLV, can be more easily accessed when needed. We will accomplish this by removing any obstructions, e.g., plantings, timbers, stones, plaques and etc. which block access to fire hydrants.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Water department employees will conduct a survey of affected hydrants.

  • The town’s water utility will reach out to affected property owners, either by mail, phone, or home visit.

  • e ask that prior to our work beginning that you remove all landscaping items- plantings, stones or timbers and etc. within a 10 foot radius around the hydrant.

  • If we do not receive a response from owners, we will remove the items and leave them on the property. Please contact the utility with any questions- 812.544.3329, or


Thank you,

Russ Luthy


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